Dried Cranberry


DIET SNACK: Dried cranberries, in addition to all of its other benefits, aid in weight loss and reduce the risk of respiratory ailments.

HEALTHY FOOD: Vitamin K in these berries is believed to strengthen bones and muscular tissue, lowering the risk of osteoporosis.

IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Cranberries have the highest concentration of antioxidants, which can aid to prevent foreign particles from entering the human body.

BOOSTS MEMORY: Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds can help to improve and boost memory and brain functions.

SKIN HEALTH: They’re low in calories and high in vitamins A, C, and K, so they’re good for your skin.


Dharma Organics Dried Cranberries are sun-dried naturally and have no chemical preservatives, flavours, or colours. They provide your taste buds a nice flavour that makes you want more. Enjoy the tanginess of natural, dried berries as a healthful snack or add them to your porridge or pastries.



250 gms, 500 gms

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